June 27, 2014

Quick Tips for Promoting Your Company’s Wellness Program

When it comes to the success of your company’s employee wellness program, participation is crucial. However, this aspect is one of the many challenges most organizations fail to overcome. A lot of times, particularly in larger companies, awareness and promotion of the wellness program is the main cause attributing to low involvement levels. Employees are unaware of the details, how the program will benefit them or in some cases, are unaware that a wellness program even exists.

To help avoid these issues, we have comprised a list of tips that can help you promote your company’s wellness program easily and effectively.

  • Keep it simple – Sometimes the easiest way to keep employees informed can, in fact, be the best way. Send companywide emails prior to, during and after the wellness program has been implemented. Communicating at different stages of the wellness program will ensure everyone has the information they need to participate and see the results.
  • Host a launch – If a wellness program is new to your company, a great way to get everyone involved right from the start is to host a launch party. Kick off your program with a healthy meal, some active events and evident support for the program from the management team.
  • Offer involvement for new hires – If your wellness program has been a part of your company’s culture for some time and your company is growing, be sure to inform new hires of their opportunities to participate. As a new hire, there is a constant bombardment of new information thrown at them during the initial period. Make it clear and easy for them to sign up and get started.
  • Take advantage of social opportunities – If your wellness program doesn’t have social integration, but the company has social media channels, you still have the opportunity to promote effectively. Sharing success, new information and updates via social channels is not only cost effective, but has a strong potential to reach new hires and prospects.

It’s not always the most complicated or elaborate ways to promote that are the most successful. By following these quick tips for promoting your company’s wellness program, you can help increase participation and involvement from your employees. For more information on employee wellness programs or to get started with your own, contact a Marketing Innovators specialist.

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