Rick Blabolil
September 9, 2011


Welcome to the first edition of the Marketing Innovators blog. Our intention is to provide you with a perspective on the issues affecting your ability to engage, motivate, reward and align your employees around your business goals. This is especially critical at a time of rapidly changing market conditions and in today’s workplace where a multi-generational workforce is further fragmented by race, ethnicity and gender. We’ll bring our own, extensive experience to bear on timely topics and link you to sources within the world of engagement and loyalty—and outside of it— that add value to the discussion. You are invited to add your thoughts and experiences as well by posting your comments in the “Post Your Comment” space at the end of each blog.  We hope that this two-way communication will enlarge our readers’ ability to address the complexities of today’s workforce in ways that help their employees to excel and support their businesses’ success.

Sincerely yours,

Richard A. Blabolil

President, Marketing Innovators

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