Easy, Secure, & More
Than a Disbursement

Create a Rewarding Experience

It may be company policy to reimburse new candidates for certain out-of-pocket interview expenses, such as: airfare, cab fare, hotel, and meals but this process can be long and cumbersome and leave a new recruit feeling frustrated right out of the gate. In addition, the effort required to process and organize all of their receipts and the questions and the errors.

Our platform streamlines the entire process by reversing the flow of money from “after-the-fact” to “ahead-of-time.” You save time while putting your best face forward and your candidates get a rewarding experience that ripples outward through every interaction they have as future employees.


All of the above = saving time, saving money!

Turnkey Software as a Solution (SaaS)

Cloud-based solution with unique program users and rule sets that provide cost savings, less effort for maintenance, and easy client program on-boarding.

Quick & Easy Disbursement

Administrators can easily disburse and edit one-time funds, route for approval or schedule future payments to enrolled card members.

Self-Enrollment Platform

Participants can self-register for an American Express Prepaid Debit Account and will receive a Prepaid Debit Card in the mail.

More Than a Typical Prepaid Card

Participants receive fast payouts to their American Express Prepaid Debit Account and can take advantage of all Serve Account holder benefits.

How it works:

  1. Participant registers through the MIFunds Platform.
  2. A prepaid debit card is shipped to them right away.
  3. Administrator issues a disbursement to the participant (or uploads a file for multiple payouts).
  4. Participant is notified by email once funds have been loaded and are available for use.
Get started today and have your very own disbursement platform up and running in just two weeks!

Featuring the American Express Prepaid Debit Account

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