Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition

A loyal customer deserves to be rewarded.

Customer loyalty solutions can be used as strategic marketing tools to build traffic and sales as well as reward brand loyalty. The fact is, it’s easier and less costly to sell more products to existing customers than to solicit new ones. The more customers you keep through active retention efforts, the more profitable your company will be.

Savvy marketers know that a commitment to customer loyalty delivers an important competitive edge. Tracking and setting loyalty goals from your existing customers will yield long-term financial benefits as well. By focusing on enhancing customer satisfaction and promoting repeat business, your loyalty programs will be successful.

Disbursement Platform

Run all of your programs on one platform without administrative hassle or budget-breaking expenses.

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Customizable Reward
& Recognition Platform

When your program requires a totally customized solution, PPM Suite Custom has the flexibility, scalability, and capacity to meet your most demanding requirements.

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A Cost-Effective, All-in-One Rewards and Recognition Platform that Gives You Choice.

The power of a successful incentive platform lies in its ability to deliver personally meaningful recognition, when, where and how you want it.

Our system allows you to choose the right solution for your needs: recognition and incentive programs, service anniversaries, and on-the-spot recognition. Allowing your company to hit each touchpoint in your employees career.

Organize your participants by department, division, region or group.
Run spiff programs alongside your established year-long program and award points when needed.
Control overall spend by managing budgets across multiple programs.
Send timely and targeted messages to your participants.
Keeps participants informed with critical documents all in one place.
Give on-the-spot recognition as frequently as needed at desired values.
Make sure your team is trained and ready to sell new products & services.
Gain valuable feedback & insight from your participants.

Featuring an extensive selection of rewards choices, including:
gift cards, e-gift cards and merchandise from top brands.